Motivational Speaker in India in the field of Education

Motivational Seminar for College students to  – Provide insight about corporate job so that they don’t face difficulty in getting jobs.  – Motivates students to build the skills and importance of studying their curriculum well. Root cause of Employable skill gap leading to unemployed professionals Couple of years back, industries were having double digit growth. …

Rajiv Dixit: “Azadi Bachao Andolan” and “Bharat Swabhiman Andolan”

  Rajiv Ji is inspiration for many. I am amazed to see the kind of work he has done in short span. Knowledge that he had about different things is just AMAZING. He has been an exception orator. I consider his death as greatest loss to India. With his guidance that could have been done in …

BBC Documentary on “What The Ancient Indians Did For The World”

  An amazing video covering such unique aspects of ancient India.   One of the Last Water Clock in The Jain Temple named Chandravati. This was last seen in 1994. Below mentioned video would start from Water Clock reference.

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge in Hinduism

  Not many people in India are aware that Western countries believes in concept of “Aryan Invasion Theory”. This video provides the scientific verification of Vedic Knowledge and originality of those.    

Bawa talking about Technology of Spirituality and Ancient Indian Knowledge

  An – amazing video with – amazing information by – amazing speaker on – amazing topic 🙂

Vedic Science, Scientific background of Indian Ancient Knowledge

  Vedic science is not about any religion. This is about great knowledge hidden in ancient scriptures. Now it has been accepted that application of concept in Vedic science can help us tremendously. Worldwide acceptance of Vedic Maths is just the beginning. There is more to REVEAL in VEDA. – भद्राम्बुद्धिसिद्धजन्मगणितश्रद्धा स्म यद् भूपगी: Gives value …

Applications of Sanskrit Language

  लोग कई तरह की समस्यों पर काम कर रहे है| पर सोचने वाली बात यह है की समस्या तो हर युग में रही है| और अगर समस्या थी तो समाधान भी रहा होगा| तो अगर हम आज की समस्यों को समझने और सुलझाने के लिए पुराने समाधनो को प्रयोग करो तो वो बहुत ही …

TED Bunker Roy on providing Grassroot Education in rural areas

  Really appreciate the way Mr. Roy recognized the capabilities of the people in rural area.

Traditional Knowledge Digital Library to preserve Indian Ancient Knowledge

  Very innovative method of preserving the Indian Ancient Knowledge.   पारम्परिक ज्ञान का आंकिक संग्रहालय (Traditional Knowledge Digital Library) मुक्त ज्ञानकोष विकिपीडिया से पारम्परिक ज्ञान का आंकिक संग्रहालय या ‘ट्रेडिशनल नॉलेज डिजिटल लाइब्रेरी’ भारत के परम्परागत ज्ञान का आंकिक संग्रहालय है। इसमें मुख्यत: औषधीय पौधों एवं औषधियों के निर्माण की विधि का संग्रह है। सम्प्रति यह अंग्रेजी, जर्मन, फ्रेंच, जापानी, स्पेनी आदि भाषाओं …

Samskrita Bharati spreading Sanskrit as Spoken Language वैसे तो पूरा विडियो ही बहुत अच्छा है सबसे अच्छा मुझे ये भाग लगा जहाँ शास्त्री जी संस्कृत बोल रहे (2min 9sec)है और जैसे उन्होंने कहा वो समझने में आसान है| एक और बात इनके कैंप आपके आस पास भी चल रहे होंगे तो बस उनकी वेबसाइट पर जा कर अपना नाम लिखवा दीजिये