Massive Opportunity in Digital India (MODI)

With recent Digital India initiatives and Govt. Of India campaigns happening worldwide, we have been getting many queries like: What exactly is Digital India How we can benefit from it How we can contribute towards it How students can take maximum benefit of Digital India for their Career So we @ Adhyan Innovative Learning, have …

Mid Brain Activation

Mid Brain Activation in simple words This is a scientifically developed program. In this program participants go through different types of activities to trigger specific parts of the brain. First it starts with Brain Gym exercises whereby we can trigger LEFT and RIGHT side of the brain for better synchronization of our mind and body. …

The Art of Aging, The Limitless Potential of the Brain

An amazing video showing that Science is in very developing stage as of now. So one should not limit their thought process based on existing scientific observations. You never know when you can become an example for further studies. Watch The Art of Aging, The Limitless Potential of the Brain (2006).avi

TED Bunker Roy on providing Grassroot Education in rural areas

  Really appreciate the way Mr. Roy recognized the capabilities of the people in rural area.

Etymology: Understand words meaning and origin to study better

आज कल की किताबो में और कुछ साल पहले लिखी गयी किताबो में एक फर्क होता है| वो फर्क यह है की पहले किसी भी विषय को शुरू करने से पहले उसका विषय के नाम का मतलब समझाया जाता था| इसके बहुत सारे फायदे होते है जो नीचे लिखे है: पहला फायदा: ऐसा करने से …