Motivational Speaker in India in the field of Education

Motivational Seminar for College students to

 – Provide insight about corporate job so that they don’t face difficulty in getting jobs.
 – Motivates students to build the skills and importance of studying their curriculum well.

Root cause of Employable skill gap leading to unemployed professionals

Couple of years back, industries were having double digit growth. Number of colleges providing professional degrees like B.Tech./B.E./MBA/MCA were few. Therefore just having the professional degree was sufficient to get a job. On top of it, if degree were from top university then it would further ensure the job prospect. But currently industries worldwide are not having that kind of growth. Also number of institutions providing professional degree has increased exponentially. 
To add to this, as the number of seats increased, quality of education reduced to a large extent. Hence students are facing difficulty in getting jobs. Most of the students are not skilled enough to perform high-end jobs and for middle-level jobs, there are already lakhs of students applying.
How this seminar benefit Students:
Students who have industry knowledge and ways to build the required skills, get an edge over students who do not have that. By attending this seminar students get motivation behind developing the required skills by studying the course curriculum properly. Also during college they get sufficient time to build those skills. 
How this seminar benefit Institutions
Every institution wants to impart quality education and improve their prospects. Placements of students is one of the key indicators and build the reputation of institution. Better placement increases the institute’s rating and attract fresh talent. This program also motivates students to pay more attention to their curriculum and read subjects more seriously as that is the stepping stone for a bright career. This motivation helps institution impart the Education easily with good value.

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