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“All my life, I have been a failure. A failure when I dropped out of college. A failure when I started my career. A failure when I wrote a book. A failure when my business closed down… but, a failure to others, not to myself. And, you can also turn your failures into success, just like I did!”
With love and regards, Sandeep

About Sandeep Maheshwari
Founder of ImagesBazaar, the World’s largest collection of Indian images. A World Record holder in photography, he has also received many awards and accolades in recognition of his work. To mention a few; Star Youth Achiever Award, Young Creative Entrepreneur Award and Pioneer of Tomorrow Award. He also featured on the cover of the Business World Magazine as one of the most “Promising Young Entrepreneurs of India”. His thoughts have been echoed by almost all the leading magazines, newspapers and television channels such as The Times Of India, The Economic Times, Hindustan Times, India Today, CNBC-TV18, IBN7, ET Now and more.

At 32 years, Sandeep has tasted both failure and success. Inspiring countless people from all walks of life in discovering their true potential through his Free “Life-Changing Seminars”, he strongly believes that, “If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who need it the most.”

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NPTEL Online Engineering courses from professors of IIT and IISc

Everyone students in India wants to pursue Engineering from IIT and IISc. In case you did not get a chance to study in IIT, you can still get the best learning from professors of IIT and IISc. This initiative can provide you study material for all subject of Engineering. If you have already attended “Adhyan Motivational Seminars”, you would be knowing, how to utilize this material to your advantage.





Why students are not getting job


– Many engineering students are facing this problem that they have completed the course but not getting job.
– Students are told that company has openings for experienced people. This make students think that if you won’t give us job then how we will get the experience.
– Students think that there are very less jobs in market and many people are there to apply for it.
Session covers:
– First understand why this situation has arisen. Most students don’t know the actual reason. Without knowing actual reason, it would not be possible to find solution.
– Share action items that should be adopted by students to kick start their career.
– Share “Adhyan way of learning” which would help them builds career, confidence, communication skills, presentation skills etc.


eLitmus test to jump start your career

Freshers these days are facing difficulty in getting jobs. One needs to try multiple things to get a job and elitmus can be a good option to start with.

Refer to “Adhyan: Why students are not getting job” to the detailed analysis. You can also attend “Adhyan: Seminar for  college students to build their career in field of Computer Software”.

Adhyan: Why students go to tuitions/coaching center


The detailed analysis of why students go to tuition with real life examples. Even if it has become necessity and there are not options left these days, but still good to know the root cause.

Everyone knows that Tuition has become integral part of our Education System. But do we really know how the need of Tuition arises. In this video I have tried to capture multiple aspect compel students to join Tuition/Coaching Center.

हम Tuition क्यों पढ़ते है
– क्योंकि हम खुद टिक कर बैठ कर नहीं पढ़ सकते
– क्योंकि हमारी आदत पड़ गयी है कि कोई और हमें पढ़ायेगा तभी पढेंगे
– क्योंकि हमें किसी की Guidance की जरूरत है
पर देखा यह गया है की जबकि हम तीसरे कारण की वजह से Tuition लगाते है पर असलियत में कारण पहले दो होते है| धीरे धीरे यह Tuition की dependence एक अपंगता की तरह बच्चो में बढ़ती जा रही है|


Importance of Adhyan (Self Study) in students life

Adhyan means Self Study in Sanskrit. After in-depth research and interaction with students, it is found that Adhyan(Self Study) is the MAJOR thing that is missing from students life. Self study center is similar to library where one can go and study. But major difference is that Library is focused on providing additional books whereas Self Study center is to provide the environment where one can sit and study without any disturbance.