42 School, institution without teacher


42 is a private, nonprofit and tuition-free computer programming school created and funded by French billionaire Xavier Niel (Founder of the telecommunication company Illiad) with several partners including Nicolas Sadirac (previous director-general of the Epitech school in France), Kwame Yamgnane and Florian Bucher (former executives of Epitech). The school was first opened in Paris in 2013.

Out of more than 80,000 candidates in France, 3,000 were selected to complete a four-week intensive computer programming bootcamp called piscine (swimming-pool). Any person between 18 and 30 can be registered for piscine after completing the logical reasoning tests on the website.

The school does not have any professors, does not issue any diploma or degree, and is open 24/7. The training is inspired by new modern ways to teach which include peer-to-peer pedagogy and project-based learning. The School has been endorsed by many high-profile people in Silicon Valley. [Source: wikipedia]

@adhyanworld, we have been promoting Self-Learning in Corporate (Self-Learning Leadership program) and in Educational institutions. School 42 can definitely provide an alternative to the current Education system and offer the choice which was not available earlier.

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