Technology for Entrepreneurs



Using Technology to Grow Your Business (not just digital marketing)


Technology is playing a key role in Business these days. Just imagine a company called WhatsApp having less than 50 people has served millions of people around the world. Growth of Flipkart and similar other success stories certainly showcase the intensive use of technology along with market aggregation.

As solo/small business owners, we might think primary usage of technology as digital marketing but in reality there are many other applications of technology including digital marketing that can help us grow our business exponentially and even create new business avenues which we have not thought of so far.

Also most of the solo/small business owners might not have relevant technology background to implement the technology. But with recent innovations, technical applications have been made so simple that they can be easily adopted by non-tech people.

This one day program would cover more than 25 such tools and applications of technology that can help us grow our business. Also most of these applications are either free or cheaper in cost.


Solo/Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, Trainers/Facilitators, Home-based business run by house-wife



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