Secret of Success in Education

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Secret of Success in Education

Education is very importance aspect of Life. On one side students are scoring above 90% but on the other side, most of these students are lacking Employable Skills and Life Skills. This has created a chaos among students, their parents, teachers and community at large. This problem is not specific to India but faced globally. Many students are suffering from Senioritis, which means loosing their interest in studies and course curriculum to the extent that they even start skipping classes and examinations.

After years of research, Mr. Vikas Jain has compiled his observations and analysis and turned them into a Motivational Seminar “Secret of Success in Education“.

Modules Covered

Why even Toppers Fail in Real Life

(1.5 Hours)

Most of the students are facing some problem or the other while studying. Or otherwise they would lack soft skills (confidence, communication etc). During this session we would cover

  • Educational Analysis
  • Root Cause of the Problem
  • How to make Mathematics and Science interesting
  • Studying method to help students get desired success in long term
  • How to build desired Soft Skills.

Research paper has been published in Mind and Management (ISBN 978-93-82951-40-7, Bloomsburry), Guru Gobind Singh Indraprasth University, New Delhi.

Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choice

(1.5 Hours)

Today, a majority of people are facing career confusion in their life. Also this is not specific to only those students who are opting to take up a particular course but this question sustains throughout our lives, as it translates “Purpose of Life”. Whenever someone is in this dilemma and approaches a friend/mentor/relative, communication starts like this:

You: I am confused and not sure what should I do/take up as a career.
Reply: Ok so what is your interest?
You: [in your mind ] if that would have been clear, why would I have come here 🙂

Hence, others can just give us information about a career but no one else can suggest a career that is good for us. It is self-exploration cycle that each one of us has to go through on our own. Still there are some common mistakes that can surely be avoided while making these choices. This session would cover those common mistakes and how one can avoid them.

Book published on this topic is available on flipkart.


Change your Attitude to Change your Altitude

(1.5 Hours)

Many of the students (and even some parents and teachers) are under impression that the ONLY important factors required to make a GREAT career are, Name of Institution, Course and Marks Obtained. These are certainly very important factors but there are other factors also which are equally important and evaluated by Industry. This session would cover

  • What are these additional factors
  • How these factors can play a crucial role in student’s CAREER
  • How they can overcome any shortcoming and still get desired success in LIFE


Expected Benefits?

  • Students would get new perspective about Education
  • They would learn importance of putting self efforts ( called Internal locus of control in psychology)
  • Irrespective of environmental constraints how one can grow in their life.
  • They would get key to success in Personal and Professional life.




[social icon=”linkedin” url=”” style=”dark or light” rounded=”yes or no”]  Mr. Vikas Jain is the founder of Adhyan Innovative Learning. An Author, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach and Entrepreneur. He has inspired thousands of people and helped them realize their true potential through Motivational Talks and Seminars on “Emotional Releasing Technique(ERT)”, “Wealth Dynamics for Financial Freedom(WDF)”, “Conquer Corporate World(CCW)”, “Conquer IT(CIT)”, “7 Janmo Ka Bandhan Retreat (7JB)” and more.


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     Mr. Ashok Thakur (Principal, Muni International School, Delhi)

    Its indeed my honour for your support for changing my life .
    You are really a great inspiring man who encouraged me to take my life in  a new direction
    Varun Mathur