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Why B.Tech./B.E./MCA/PGDCA and similar computer degree students are having tough time getting a software job?


A lot of students with B.Tech degree are not getting job these days. Very few students get jobs through campus placement. Rest forward their resume to friends and relatives. Mostly response is “there are no openings for fresher. Openings are only for experienced people. Still we will forward the resume to HR”. And HR does not respond.

They get to hear that Market is in recession and believe it. Also few of them doubt their luck as some of their friends have got jobs. Students and their families are worried as they have spent good amount of money and effort to get this B.Tech. Degree. So are there no jobs for fresher?

Truth is that there are so many jobs in the IT industry for which employers could not find suitable candidates. Yes that’s true.

Do you want to know the reason?

Reason is that most of the students are not having sufficient IT skills. Also students do not know

  1. What is missing?
  2. How to gain those skills?
  3. Multiple ways of applying for the jobs in corporate.

With right Skills and IT industry knowledge, one can aim for not-just-any-job but “high-paying-job”. 

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