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Motivational Session for College Students

  • Concepts, study subjects better with indepth knowledge
  • Career Guidance, Industry Exposure, real life skill etc.

Motivational Session for Educational Institutions (School/College/Coaching etc.)

  • Teacher training session on how to teach students better
  • Growth of students which in-turn enhance institutions prospects

Motivational Session for Educational NGO

  • Teacher training session to teach students better with low cost.
  • Help underprivilege children study with minimal infrastructure.

Counselling session

  • Answer educational concern and queries.
  • For children who don’t like to study, innvative way to develop the interest in studies.

Motivational Session for Hindi Medium students coping up in English Medium

  • Guidance to help them study better and Use native language to help your self.
  • Broaden your horizon and find new possibilities in life.

Motivational Session for everyone

  • Why we don’t have confidence and doubt ourself. How to realize our potential to excel in life.
  • How to handle our emotions and understand the self.

Short Session

  • Educational Toys from trash * Science in Veda, Sanskrit, Jain literature.
  • Benefit of Yoga/Meditation * Basic Cyber Security Risks * Basic Financial Knowledge.