Release Suppressed Emotions – Watch Video

Watch ERT Introduction

Video introduction by Vikas Jain on Emotional Releasing Technique

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Simplicity of this technique and effectiveness is amazing. Also delivery by Vikas Jain was very engaging and he was very prompt to answer participant’s queries. We highly recommend this session for corporate to help their employees to manage stress in a better way and get rid of negative emotions.

Simmy Rajpal (Sr. Executive-HR & Admin, Next Sourcing Services Pvt. Ltd.)


Thanks Vikas sir for the emotional release life coach session. It’s very helpful , I was pilled up with lots of anger baggage and was about to burst. But your session helped me to release the negative energy and the anger. It helped me to learn let go off the negative emotions and now I am practicing it. I am feeling so good and positive now Thank you so much !!!!
Shatul, Software Engineer
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The ERT learnt from Vikas Jain continues to help me relieve day to day stress and I feel lighter and more energetic to carry on tasks in my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend this therapy to create harmony and emotional balance within oneself in today’s fast paced and stressful lifestyle.
Divine love and peace!
Ruchika Chhabra (Yoga trainer/Naturopath, Gurgaon)