Leader Learning Agility - Lead the Change Speaker VikasJain(1)

Fast changing environment gives opportunities to some whereas causes terrible situations for others. Leaders & HR need to respond to this change quickly and efficiently. Any organization is sum total of human capital of the whole organization. Unless everyone in the organization has a fast adapting mindset, the changes will be difficult to manage. Fast adapting mindset needs high learning agility i.e. ability to learn new things faster.

While authoring my book “The Secret Behind Super-Achievers: Self-Education”, I interviewed various super-achievers globally to understand their learning approach. I found that most of the organizations put focus on Employee-Development whereas for high learning agility, organizations need to focus on Employee-Self-Development.

In Employee-Development focused organizations, HR perform training need analysis based on difference between employee’s existing skills and required skills and then employee would go through respective program.

In Employee-Self-Development focused organizations, HR allow employees to explore skills that they like to grow further. Employee may also search for the ways to build those skills. HR/Manager would basically facilitate this process.

With Employee-Self-Development approach, employees would be having high learning agility which will develop and support fast adapting mindset, essential for fast changing environment.