How to Choose a Career



Most of us are not clear that what we actually want to do or what we should do.

This confusion is result of many things:

1. The way we study subject in school/college, it is just like moving ahead blind folded. At that time we don’t spend much time with us to know our skill and develop them which can easily turn into career for us by the time we finish graduation. To understand it more, refer

2. Our decision making is not developed: Finding answer to these queries is not that easy. There can not be a single answer to any question. Because besides choosing the path, what matters more is your preference and how you travel that path. Every career option in world is good for people have done exceptional in that field. Refer

3. No body Else can answer this question: People can guide you, suggest you or give their preference. But that should come only if you have shown your interest. I have seen that students going to ask senior people about career choice and their first question to students is “what is your interest”. Just imagine can anyone suggest me, should I eat “Pizza, Dosa, Chapati or Chinese?”. Obvious answer would be “what I find interesting”. If a meal choice depends on my preference. How can some give me career advice. Refer

4. Answer lies in our subconscious mind: People can only help anyone on specific questions. But person need to frame some questions first. We have something in our subconscious mind but we are not able to see it. Refer

5. We don’t know our Strength and Weaknesses. Everyone has some strength and some weakness. With that knowledge and awareness it become easy to choose the right career. MBTI personality type is one such good test to reveal our personality type. There are more test by this is the one which I personally liked very much.

6. This is not a one time decision but an on going thing: People switch their career as they move ahead in life. So it is never to late to understand our preference better and choose the right career. Refer


What to do now

Start writing your thoughts: This is the best tool that I have come across. Try to make pictures of your thoughts as much a possible. When we write we get to understand our thoughts better. We can see what is actually there in our mind. Keep writing for few days or weeks. When you read it again, it would be clear that where your thoughts are going.