Emotional Releasing Technique

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What is Emotional Releasing Technique?

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Emotions & Beliefs are what make our life. We create our reality with our thinking. With clear and focused thought, intentions are created and fulfilled and goals are achievable.

Emotionally driven thinking is clouded and based on baggage from the past. Negative Emotions & Beliefs are root cause of all the Limitations, Stress & Dis-ease in Our Life. A study says 90% of our Major Actions & Decisions are nothing but Emotional Reactions and most of us have no control over it.

You can master your emotional state and be in a position to think clearly and therefore be more easily able to take action as required.

“Clear focused thinking creates a happier reality.”

 This approach is premised on the fact that clearing your mind of emotionally driven thoughts and beliefs will free you up to the clarity of choice and possibilities in the present moment.

Emotional releasing is an experiential approach to personal change that deals with releasing emotions that drive behaviour.  In contrast to suppressing or expressing feelings, releasing allows you to simply acknowledge and accept the feeling (such as anger), experience it more directly, and then let it go.  Letting go or releasing, allows for a new understanding of how the event evolves.

Emotional releasing contrasts with most of the other approaches / techniques to personal change because they focus on ‘analysis’ and ‘understanding’ to guide the emotional change.

The process of releasing leads to an awareness that emotions from past events and issues drive current behaviours and that we are re-enacting many of our patterns when interacting with others.  Dealing with the emotional ‘glue’ underlying behaviours allows one to move ahead with changed interpretations of the past and calmness in dealing with life today.  It opens up the door for choice and clarity of thinking in the present.

What Are The Benefits?


  • Sense of well-being, healthy, lighter
  • Feel more energy, less fatigue
  • Eradicate tension and stress on the spot
  • Manage pain


  • Identify and eliminate impeding beliefs and values
  • Remove emotional baggage from the past
  • Achieve self-confidence (ease with speaking up, including public speaking, decisiveness, eliminate fear and self-doubt, self-motivation and initiating)
  • Feel more in control (less stressed out or busy)
  • Deal with confrontation with ease
  • Increase communication skills


  • Feel continual inner peace
  • Discern intuition clearly
  • Operate in the present moment or the ‘now’
  • Increase awareness of your instinctive nature
  • Increase creative flow
  • Begin to see ‘challenges’ as opportunities for continued growth and expansion
  • Begin to lose the identity with the ‘me/ego’ and realize the full potential of who you are

Who Will Benefit?

Releasing or ‘letting go’ is useful for those who are functioning well but are interested in more fully realizing their potential and enhancing their well-being, as well as for those experiencing ‘problems’ or have situational issues.  This method has proven effective in addressing the following and many inter-related issues:

  1. Relationships at home, work or social
  2. Anger
  3. Anxiety
  4. Addictions, habits, tendencies in behaviours (eating disorders, substance abuse, being late, hoarding/clutter, smoking, etc.)
  5. Depression (low or ‘down’, stagnation or ‘stuck’, lack of direction)
  6. Security – personal and financial
  7. Trauma(s)
  8. Procrastination

Research Behind ERT

Research was conducted by Dr. Richard J. Davidson of the State University of New York in collaboration with Dr. David C. McClelland of the Department of Social Relations at Harvard University.    “Significant Results compared to other Stress Managing Techniques”

MONY Corporation Study: A study of the effect on Sales performance     “The group that took this Method outperformed the control group by 33%”


Inroduction to ERT (5 min, In English)

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ERT – Basic Audio Program (1 Hour, In Hindi)

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[social icon=”linkedin” url=”http://in.linkedin.com/in/vikasjaindotorg/” style=”dark or light” rounded=”yes or no”]  Mr. Vikas Jain is the founder of Adhyan Innovative Learning. An Author, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach and Entrepreneur. He has inspired thousands of people and helped them realize their true potential through Motivational Talks and Seminars on “Emotional Releasing Technique(ERT)”, “Wealth Dynamics for Financial Freedom(WDF)”, “Conquer Corporate World(CCW)”, “Conquer IT(CIT)”, “7 Janmo Ka Bandhan Retreat (7JB)” and more.



Simplicity of this technique and effectiveness is amazing. Also delivery by Vikas Jain was very engaging and he was very prompt to answer participant’s queries. We highly recommend this session for corporate to help their employees to manage stress in a better way and get rid of negative emotions.

Simmy Rajpal (Sr. Executive-HR & Admin, Next Sourcing Services Pvt. Ltd.)


Thanks Vikas sir for the emotional release life coach session. It’s very helpful , I was pilled up with lots of anger baggage and was about to burst. But your session helped me to release the negative energy and the anger. It helped me to learn let go off the negative emotions and now I am practicing it. I am feeling so good and positive now Thank you so much !!!!
Shatul, Software Engineer
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The ERT learnt from Vikas Jain continues to help me relieve day to day stress and I feel lighter and more energetic to carry on tasks in my personal and professional life. I would highly recommend this therapy to create harmony and emotional balance within oneself in today’s fast paced and stressful lifestyle.
Divine love and peace!
Ruchika Chhabra (Yoga trainer/Naturopath, Gurgaon)



This is a wonderful program for people not finding a way to offload their Emotional Baggage. Once the emotions are released, solution towards the challenging situation starts becoming visible.

Mr. Hitesh Chandel (CEO, Defined Values Consultant Pvt. Ltd.)


Simple yet powerful tool for releasing emotions. Everyone can relate to it. Very effective tool for living life powerfully.

Dr. Anamika Bhargava Mehra ( Transformational Trainer, Behavioral Coach & Founder, Ashtaveda)


The session was great and helped me in identifying root of the issue I was dealing with.

Ashwini Bhave (Transformational Trainer, Behavioral Coach & Founder, SoulSwatik)