Detailed analysis of problems in School Education system (Hindi)





Detailed analysis of problems in Primary and Secondary school education And

Proposed Solutions For Imparting TRUE EDUCATION And Self-Enabling the Students


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Prepared by: Vikas Jain (Founder of Adhyan, way of learning)

Table of Contents
Common Problems Reported by students 4
Most difficult subject to study is Mathematics. Specially Geometry. 4
Mostly problems are faced with question with statement and description. 4
I understand the question but not able to explain it to others. 4
Question is out of syllabus. Teacher goes beyond NCERT while setting up exam papers, so we have to refer additional books. 4
With current homework no time is left to study additional things. 4
Problems Observed in Education System 6
Students are not interested in studies. 6
Students do not focus on concept. 6
Parents have to put extra effort to teach students. 7
Students going from one class to another class, does not keep the knowledge of previous class and forget it soon. 8
Students do not have confidence, communication and presentation skill. Also they need some personality development courses. 8
Real world application of studies is missing 8
Subject’s content is getting difficult every year 8
Solution Adopted: Tuition and Coaching classes. 9
Why tuition has become such a necessity 9
What purpose does tuition actually serve? 11
Problem created due to regular tuitions? 11
Worst part is when school teacher are giving tuitions and force students to come to their classes. 12
Analogy to understand the problem better 12
Solution offered by Adhyan 13
Technique that can be used by anyone at home, any tuition or anywhere for better studying the subjects: 13
Things which are not achieved by studying at home 13
Why would someone go to library just for self-study? 13
Solutions offered by “Adhyan Education Center” 14
Teaching Students “How to do Self Study” 14
Additional advantages of studying at Adhyan “Center of Self Study” 14
Additional observations: 14
Benefits of Adhyan’s method of imparting “True Education” 14
Comparing Current Tuition system with Adhyan’s Self Study approach with analogy of Medicine systems. 15
As per Adhyan’s method of teaching we believe: 16
Observations around adopting this Adhyan’s method of studying 16
Major hurdle 16
Phases to Implement this 17