Bindeshwar Pathak founder of Sulabh International


Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak has setup an unique and one of its kind example by founding Sulabh International. An organization working in the field of sanitation and toilet designing.

Excerpt from his story as written in “I have a dream” by Rashmi Bansal.

“As Bindeshwar puts it, “Some people are absolutely certain – they think straight. “Mujhe toh yahi karna hai aur waise hi kiya usne” But most people, if you see, they set out to do something and ended up doing something quite different.”

“In Oriental Philosophy wealth is not revered, knowledge is. I mean not just in India but China, Japan, Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, African countries. In Western Philosophy, it is exactly the opposite.”

“The WHO handbook had a sentence which struck Bindeshwar in particular. It noted that ‘Out of the heterogeneous mass of latrine designs produced over the world, pit privy is the most practical and universally applicable type‘”.  Here pit privy is what we know as Indian style toilet.

“The government is providing more and more reservation. But where are the jobs? I believe that if we educate these children, make them capable, they will find jobs on their own.”

Sulabh has done another innovative creative work by opening Sulabh Toilet museum.

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