ASER Report 2013 by Pratham : 37% Class V kids can’t read Class II textbooks

Children have a natural ability to learn new things. In current education system, we are customizing the natural learning process and actually we spoil it. After giving counselling to students in Delhi, I know that situation is similar in Delhi schools also.

Class 1 School (Premiums school): Children are so much pressured for performance as bench mark is very high. Students are closely monitored by teachers and parents for their action which actually make them nervous.

Class 2 School (Average School): Children are not given due attention for concept. Sole aim is on getting 100% pass score for school. Sole focus on building score without any focus on concept.

Class 3 School (Below Average School): Focus is only on completing the syllabus and concept are not at all touched. School teachers offer tuition to their school students.