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“Building Self-Learning Ecosystem”


Individuals and Organizations (including families) are empowered to utilize the power of “Self-Learning”, to solve their problems and achieve desired growth in every aspect of life.


Building an Eco-system where Self-Learning Engine of individuals and organizations is ignited, developed, supported and connected with world class opportunities to achieve desired growth in life. This would result in ability to create a life of choice.



 Organizations & Individuals (

Using Self-learning to solve the problems faced by Organizations and Individuals and empower them to achieve desired growth in life.

For Large Organizations:

With changing world, lot of organizations are facing tough time. Which made us think that whether:

“Change is Fast or We are Slow to Learn” – Vikas Jain

Hence Adhyan empowers organization to create a “self-learning ecosystem” which is essential for organizations having growth mindset.

Currently Learning and Development is viewed as primarily Training, On the Job Learning, E-learning etc. These are “How” of Learning. But to support self-learning mindset, organizations need to first understand “WHY” of learning. Also an organization can not invite and retain a learning mindset unless organization’s growth path supports and credit the self-learning mindset. Hence organizations need to transform to support self-learning mindset.

For Medium, Small, Micro Enterprises/Startups/Self-Employed

As per survey by various organizations most of the small business units are closed within short period of time. Among other reasons, one of the main reason for this is Lack of Business Education. People start a business without having any prior knowledge about business. With Business Education we don’t mean a master degree in business. But with prior knowledge about business, one can overcome and avoid various pitfalls that could be critical for the business. Also by pressing the importance of prior knowledge, we do not mean that someone without business background should not start a business. It just means that by adopting “Self-Learning” mindset, business owners can take the business from “Business model that they think will work” to “Business model that works” before losing out on resources.

For Individuals:

Building an ecosystem for Self-learners where they are empowered, associated with world class learning resources and opportunities. Also a platform where self-learners can share their learning with others.

  • Adhyan Circle – Like Toastmasters Club for Public Speaking, BNI for Business Referrals, same way Adhyan Circle is for Self-Learners
  • Adhyan Partner – Like people hire financial consultant to organize and grow their finances, similarly Adhyan Learning Partners empower people to organize and grow their learning by connecting them with world class coaches and resources
  • Adhyan Seminars – Similar to Success Resources, Adhyan Seminars organize seminars to connect self-learners with world class educators
  • Adhyan Educators Academy – Whether speaker, coaches or other Educators, Adhyan Educators Academy is a place where self-learners share their learning with others by creating a successful business opportunity.

Community (

Using Self-learning to solve the problems faced by nations and world at large.


By developing Self-learning eco-system, quality of Education can be enhanced at very low cost and in very short period of time. Currently it is observed that focus of Education is on 1. Teaching 2. Make kids learn LOT of content 3. Making the content easier through visualization. On the other hand, self-learning mindset believes

“Whether to Make content Easy Or Create a Self-Learning Mindset which can understand complex content, easily” – Vikas Jain


With self-learning mindset, one not just gets employment, but is also able to get world class employment opportunities. Hence through this we are not just solving unemployment but under-employment too. Also this person with self-learning mindset is able to utilize the potential of business and entrepreneurship for their personal and their nations growth.

Various other initiatives. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Adhyan Eklavya: This program is connecting Highly Skilled (with/without degree) with World Class opportunities. Earlier, corporate primarily used to visit top universities to hire the talent. But now a days, corporate have developed some other mechanisms to find these skilled people.
    • Phase-1 – Adhyan Eklavya (Software Coders): In software development industry, “Online Programming Competitions” are conducted by various organizations. Anyone can participate in these global competitions. Based on the individual performance, they are given score and ranks. Top rankers on these platforms are tracked and employed by world’s top software companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
  • Adhyan Center: A self-study center, where self-learners are getting conducive environment for their growth.
  • Adhyan Knowledge Bank: Some of the world class resources are not known to many hence these resources are shared with people.


People with dreams and aspirations are always looking for motivational content such as quotes, videos, audios, stories etc. is an initiative by Adhyan to provide right knowledge to bridge the gap between aspirations and achievement of individuals.