Self-Learning Leadership | Full Video (1 hour 20 min)

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Program Covers:

  • Understanding and Inculcating Self-Learning Mindset as Leader
  • Best practices of Building Self-Learning Ecosystem in organization covering interventions around interviews, organizational growth and more
  • Strategy to induce new skill in organization in considerably less time and at lesser cost


Is Change too Fast or We are Too Slow to Learn?

With Self-Learning Mindset, we don’t just manage change better but we become change maker

-Vikas Jain



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Testimonial from participants

“The session brought me close to identifying what needs to change in me and even touched on “how” aspect to bring about the change. I believe if a session can push me that far then what would a series do”  – Manisha Nasa, Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems

“A very concise and well paced session!! Very though provoking to the basic idea of ‘self-learning'” – Gaurav Srivastava, Senior Software Development Manager, Oracle India


Background About Self-Learning Ecosystem

Building Self-Learning Ecosystem | Transforming Organizations, Individuals and Community

This program is based on my book “The Secret Behind Super-Achievers-Self-Education“.  In this book, I shared a vision of world with Self-Learning Ecosystem in-place.

A Self-Learning Ecosystem, has potential to transform organizations, individuals and community at large. With fast changing world, lot of organizations are facing tough time. But most of these changes have been known for more than decades and were already adopted by others. Hence

“Is Change Too Fast or We are Too Slow to Learn?” – Vikas Jain

Organizations with Self-Learning Ecosystem, will not just manage change better, but will become change maker. With fast changing skillset, these organizations will have better agility to learn new skills in relatively less time and lesser cost. Employees with self-learning mindset, will have better work-life balance. They have potential to lead a better personal life with fulfillment in addition to delivering high-performance during work.

At individual and community level, self-learning ecosystem has potential to transform the Education worldwide, which directly translates to employment opportunities. This would not just cater un-employment but will manage under-employment too. And with better Education and Employment in place, our world can be more peaceful and better place to live.

This vision is supported by my past work and also cover insights gained during interviews of global leaders. Some of the global leaders whose insights were captured during one-on-one interactions are Alan Mamedi (Founder of TrueCaller), Brian Tracy (International Management Guru), Suman Saraf (CTO and Co-founder, Bluestacks), Fredrik Haren (Global Speaker) and more.

Introductory Video: Learning Agility

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