Adhyan Learning & Growth Model – College Students

Employable Skill Gap has emerged as a major concern for the Country. Around 20 years ago, there were not many Educational Institutions but in past few years, there have been many universities and colleges which started providing degrees to the students. But most of these qualified students are termed as “Unemployable” as part of various studies conducted by Government and Non-Government organizations.

Adhyan World performed a detailed study of the situation and designed a program “Adhyan Learning & Growth Model – For College Students”. There are other versions of the program available for the different audience. Further details about Adhyan Learning & Growth Model can be found here.

Adhyan Learning & Growth Model is designed in such a manner that irrespective of the background, a student can target the top companies in the World.

This unique program is designed and delivered by Mr. Vikas Jain (Founder, Adhyan), who has worked in companies like IBM and McAfee and even got the job offer from Microsoft.

Modules Covered

  • Industry Quadrants: In this Model, Industry is divided into four quadrants where CTC, eligibility criteria, interview criteria etc. vary a lot based on respective quadrant. With this in-depth knowledge about quadrants, one can aim for better opportunities.
  • Approaching Corporates: Most people are just aware of the formal channel to approach a company i.e. HR common email ids or waiting for the off-campus call. Few people might be aware of consultants like etc. But there are other channels which have better success criteria as compared to these well-known channels
  • Resumes and Profile best practices: Best practices to create a successful resume to ascertain success.
  • Interview Secrets: Understand the psychology of interviewer and it would increase the chances of cracking the interview.

And much more will be covered

Also Covers Common Queries

  • How one can get more than 50% hike during job switch?
  • When is the right time to switch a job
  • How to change your profile/stream
  • And many more such queries will be answered

Who Will Benefit?

Graduate/Post-Graduate students from any stream (starting 1st year).

Testimonial From Past Participants

Vikas is the epitome of what is considered as perfect mentor-ship and guidance. What makes Vikas an exceptional teacher is that he understands the fact that being a teacher requires him to fully develop his student’s personality. He is more than a teacher as he solves his student’s problem like a friend and guides them like a true mentor Any combination of English alphabets can’t fully describe my respect and appreciation towards Vikas. The fact that he likes to bring out the best in everyone with apt motivation and push explains why I personally respect him. He is a great human being as well as a great teacher working for a genuine cause and any student who finds himself under his guidance should consider himself very lucky.

Ishika Gupta

Vikas Jain is a caring, motivating, inspirational, and friendly mentor. Because of his guidance and mentorship, I will give my first presentation “WEBSITE TESTING USING SQL INJECTION” next month, my first milestone of my life. Any student would be lucky to have Vikas Jain as a mentor and as a guide. I appreciate you so much and I thank you

Suraj Sharma