Signature Programs

Massive Growth Strategy

There exist a massive growth space in every situation. One need to find the growth space and create/follow strategy to get to that space. There is a difference between tailor and fashion designer even though they are in same space. Hence discover your “Massive Growth Space” and follow our 3-step “Massive Growth Strategy”

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Self-Learning Leadership

Leaders are Readers but Readers may not be Leaders. To lead during fast changing environment, Leaders need to have high Learning Agility similar to agile processes.

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Self-Learning Entrepreneurship

As per survey by various organizations, more than 90% of the small businesses are closed within first five years. One of the main reason for this is Lack of Business Education. By adopting “Self-Learning” mindset, business owners can take the business from “Business model that they think will work” to “Business model that works” before losing out on resources.

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Other Customized Programs

Leaders with Learning Agility, Lead the Change

Leaders are Readers but Readers may not be Leaders. To lead during fast changing environment, Leaders need to have high Learning Agility similar to agile processes.

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Releasing Technique to build Emotional Intelligence

Emotions impact our life at much deeper level than most of us can even think. This program covers a very simple yet extremely powerful technique named “Releasing” which can even release deep rooted suppressed emotions and help participants experience their true state i.e. bliss.

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People with Learning Agility, Lead the Change

Thought Provoking Program about importance of Learning Agility. With Employee-Self-Development approach, employees would be having high learning agility which will develop and support fast adapting mindset, essential for fast changing environment.

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Moving from Busyness to Business

“Busyness” is #1 problem faced by most business owners and entrepreneurs. Program covers detailed analysis of the problem along with some easy to implement way to grow “Business” while saving time.

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Meeting Powerful You

Motivational Program to break the Conditioning of Past by living in Present and Constructing the Future. This Program helps participants to realize their true potential and motivate them to take appropriate actions in life to achieve their purpose.

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3C’s of Top Performers

Designed by Vikas Jain, this program covers unique combination of personality attributes called 3C’s which can turn an average performer into top performer. Participants would learn self-evaluation approach to perform better in life.

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Faculty Development Program

In the fast changing Educational environment, faculty need to be updated to transcend the knowledge with students. Program covers recent innovation in Education.

Use Technology to Grow Your Business

Appropriate use of technology can lead to exponential business growth and huge savings on resources. One can even achieve unexplored yet extremely profitable opportunities. This program is immediately useful for Solo and Small business owners with/without technical background.

Conquer FEAR (Finance, Emotions, Attitude, Relationship)

Designed by Vikas Jain, this program covers four most crucial aspects of life. Once these aspects are conquered, one can overcome FEAR and become unstoppable by taking appropriate actions to achieve BIG things.

Conquer IT & Corporate World

Based on success growth of Vikas Jain in corporate, this program reveals those secret patterns which if followed correctly, can sky rocket the participant’s career growth in Corporate. Entry, Progression, Company switch, Profile Switch would become cake walk.

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Career Ka Panchnama

Motivational Program based on research conducted by Vikas Jain on Why even Toppers Fail in Real Life and Top Ten Mistakes While Making Career Choice. Participants would get radically different perspective of Education to achieve their full potential.

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Customized Programs

Life Skills Program, Faculty Development Program, Team Building Activities, Leadership Development Program and much more.

Some of the Topics of recently delivered Programs
Corporate Programs
  • “Customer Focus” session delivered for Leadership team from all over India
  • “Sales Motivation for Network Marketing Professionals” for 400+ executives in Goa, India
  • Transformation for Sales Team” Program for 100+ Sales professionals
  • “Employee Motivation” program for all employees of a Delhi (India) based company
  • Emotional Well-being & Stress Release” program for company in Top 50 in Fortune 500 List
  • Employee Team Building” program for various companies
Business Assocations/Organizations
  • Busyness to Business” program for MSME business owners
  • Entrepreneur Motivation” program for Startup Hub
  • Easy Tech for Entrepreneur” program for small business owners
Development Sector
  • “Life Skills Education” for participations from various nations under United Nations project
  • Motivational Team Building” program for community people
Institutional Programs
  • “Second Inning” for senior members of one of the oldest and reputed club of Agra, India
  • “Technology for Educators” for 1000+ school principals of Kerala , India
  • Faculty Development” Program for 250+ school teachers in Gujarat
  • Faculty Development” Program for Associate and Assistant Professors
  • Campus to Corporate” Program for various professional institutions all over India
  • Youth Motivation” Program for various schools and colleges all over India
  • Computer Security as Career” Program for colleges


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