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A unique session for students and early professionals who are looking for right career path and suitable job opportunities in corporate. It is an Energetic Workshop covering Motivation, Confidence Building, Industry Knowledge and Technical Gyan so that you can target exponential success in career (through Job or Entrepreneurship)

Target audience
College Students, College passouts looking for Jobs, professionals in call center or similar jobs looking for desired profiles.


Students are highly demotivated these days. This has negatively impacted their Technical Ability as well as confidence. Also they are not aware about Industry Dynamics and Secrets which can lead to exponential success.

Topics Covered

  • Module 1: Industry’s quadrant: Every Industry has broadly 4 segments. Out of these 4 segments, 1 segment that most of the students are aware of has very limited openings but thousands of students appear for that. Other 3 segments are waiting for suitable candidates but they are unable to find them. So we would provide each and every information about those segments and this can change your life forever.
  • Module 2: Prepare yourself: Each industry segment suits different personality. It needs different preparation. So based on your preference of segment, prepare yourself for the job.
  • Module 3: Lot of Motivation: After attending this workshop, your worry for career would come to an end.
  • Module 4: Public Speaking and Confidence Building: Your hesitation to speak in front of people or in interview would just fly away. Believe us. English aana ya na aana .. job ke raaste mein nahi aayega.
  • Module 5: Interview Secrets: Interview is a critical part of job selection process. There are some secrets that can help you crack the toughest interview easily.
  • Module 6: How to be Rich in Young Age: Understand the dynamics of finance better so that you can be rich in young age.
  • Module 7: Doing something for Society: Many people want to do something for society but do not know to do it alongwith their career. This quick session would give them ideas on how they can do it right away. You may even build a successful career while doing Samaj Seva.


About The Trainer: Mr. Vikas Jain

  • B.Sc. from Hansraj College, University of Delhi
  • Master in Computer Application (MCA) from University of Delhi
  • Worked in IBM and McAfee for more than 8 years.
  • He got offer from Microsoft in 2013.
  • He is founder and lead speaker at Adhyan Innovative Learning.

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