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IT industry has achieved new heights in past decade. It has expanded to a level that even people who have been working in this industry for couple of years are not aware about its full potential and opportunities that it provides.

Conquer IT is a unique program design and delivered by Mr. Vikas Jain (www.vikasjain.org), who has worked in companies like IBM and McAfee and even got offer from Microsoft.

Primary Modules

  • Industry Quadrants: IT Industry is divided into four quadrants where CTC, eligibility critieria, interview criteria etc. varies a lot based on respective quadrant. With this in-depth knowledge about quadrants, one can aim for better opportunities.
  • Approaching Corporates: Most people are just aware about formal channel to approach a company i.e. HR common email ids or waiting for off-campus call. Few people might be aware about consultants like naukri.com etc. But there are other channels which have better success criteria as compared to these well known channels.
  • Resumes and Profile best practices: Best practices to create a successful resume to ascertain success.
  • IT Industry Profiles: IT industry has many profiles that most people are not aware of. This would cover details about more than 15 profiles in IT industry.
  • Interview Secrets: Understand the psychology of interviewer and it would increase the chances of cracking the interview.
  • And much more will be covered

Also covers answer to common concern and queries

  • How one can get more than 50% hike during job switch?
  • When is the right time to switch a job
  • How to change your profile within IT industry
  • And many more such queries will be answered

Target Audience

Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers. Only serious freshers/undergraduate are suggested to attend the program who can put significant efforts.


  • Basic – 3 Hours
  • Advance – 2 Days


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