There is a general trend in Industry that “TOP” companies, looking for “TOP” talent, visit “TOP” institutions for campus placement. And this holds true.

But with advent of technology, this is NOT the ONLY way “TOP” companies are hiring these days. With technology based platforms and communication channels, companies are able to reach out to “TOP” talent directly.

This is what happened in the case of Anudeep Nekkanti who is not from IIT but got placement offer from Google.

What are these other Channels?

There are various online platforms offering competitive programming problems/tournaments on regular basis. There is no entry criteria to take part in these tournaments as they happen online. Individual performance in these competitions is tracked and participants are given Global as well as country wise ranking. And these rankings are open to public.

“TOP” companies worldwide are keeping tracking of “TOP” rankers on these platforms and contact them for hiring process.

Anudeep during his college days, participated actively on such platforms.

Here is his participation and ranking at various platforms:

Blog and his interviews for further reference:

His social profiles:

Key Learning:

Whether you are in top institution or not, keep looking for other hiring channels used by companies in industry of your interest and make yourself visible on those channels. And you can get a chance to get to the company which otherwise may not be visiting your campus.

Also you have to remain “Learner Forever :)” as Anudeep mentioned in about me section on codechef.